Outpatient appointments at the Royal Surrey

The Royal Surrey NHS Trust began to reintroduce their essential face-to-face outpatients appointment from June 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Trust have entered a ‘new normal’, meaning that the majority of their appointments became telephone, video, virtual etc. Whilst there are currently no plans to stop these types of appointments, the Trust are once again doing face-to-face appointments for essential cases. As such, they have introduced a number of changes and precautions in places to ensure our patients and staff are kept safe.

This includes:

  • Continuing to provide telephone and video consultations, where possible and appropriate
  • Reducing the number of patients who are seen face-to-face at the same time
  • Adjusting waiting rooms and clinic rooms, to enable social distancing to be followed
  • Introducing a one-way system in some corridors, to support social distancing when walking between areas
  • Continuing to offer a ‘drive thru’ service for some services (such as maternity and pharmacy).

If you, or someone you know, needs medical attention but have been reluctant to come forward, please be assured that GP, community and hospital services are still available. You may not be seen in the same way as you have in the past, but they are still there and can see you safely. Find out more on the video below.