Flu Vaccination 2021 Update

We are nearly into September now and our thoughts are turning to the annual flu vaccination programme.

We are planning on returning to Saturday clinics which you will be able to book into on-line. In preparation for this we recommend that you get your on-line access sorted now so that there are no hitches when the time comes.

We are waiting to hear when our vaccines supplies are going to be delivered but will let you all know when the clinics are available to book.

If you are unable to book on-line yourself we will, of course, be able to book you in over the phone. But the more of you who can manage without phoning us the better.

We all know how busy our phones are already even though we have recruited more staff and are answering as many calls each day as is humanly possible. Just as an example, we took nearly 450 calls on Monday alone, that’s 1 every 90 seconds! We do have as many people answering the phones as we can but there are lots of other jobs that need doing behind the scenes as well, such as processing repeat prescription requests sending off referrals, liaising with hospitals, district nursing teams, hospices etc. The list is endless. When new staff start they are totally amazed at what goes on behind the scenes to enable patients to consult with a doctor.