Practice Team

Practice Management

Natasha Taylor – Practice Manager

Keighly O’Connor – Deputy Practice Manager

Mrs Ged Irwin – Admin Team Leader

Jessica Shepherd – Operations Manager


Ms Carol (Agnes) Dunkley

Carol is our systems coordinator and manages all the IT systems for us. She makes sure that all our systems are up to date, secure and reliable. She also runs various queries on our databases to support the work of clinicians.

Patient Services

Our Patient Services Team are the first point of contact for all our patients and visitors. They welcome patients to the practice and help to orientate people around the building. Our trained staff are able to signpost you to the most appropriate treatment centre which may include; the pharmacy, minor injuries unit, ACES (Acute Community Eyecare Service), A&E or appropriately booking you in with our clinicians. Our Patient Services Team may ask you a few questions which you are not obliged to answer, but may help them and our clinicians. They deal with prescription enquiries, referrals and assist with the processing of non-NHS services. All patient-related documents received in the practice are scanned onto patient records by our receptionists.

Each day they deal with people who can be sick, tearful, distressed or agitated and they do so with care and compassion. The team can be contacted Monday to Friday 08:00-18:30. All communication should be made by our eConsult service. If you are unable to do this, please contact the practice by phone on 01483 273951.