For contact information, please visit our Wellbeing Centre.

Looking after a family member, partner or friend because they are ill, frail or have a disability, and not being paid to do so, means you are what’s known as a ‘carer’.

Carers Registration

If you are a Carer please use the following form to register with the practice as a carer: Carer Registration Form.

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing supports individuals to take better control over their health and improve their general well being. It aims to link residents, who have social, emotional or practical needs which cannot be addressed by a GP, to a wealth of different services within the borough of Surrey.

To find out more about social prescribing, please visit our Social Prescribing page.

Reconnections service for people aged 65 years plus

Reconnections is for people aged 65 and over who are feeling lonely and would like to connect with new people, activities or interests. The service is open to people living in or Guildford and Waverley). Currently the service is not open to those living in a residential care home or who have dementia. When you refer yourself or someone else to Reconnections, we will tell you a bit more about the service and discuss whether it’s right for you at this time.

What can Reconnections help with?

Our primary goal is to help to improve a person’s social connections, but we understand there are often a number of practical and emotional barriers that may be contributing to someone’s loneliness and isolation.

Where we don’t have the skills or expertise in our team, we will work closely with other agencies and professionals to ensure that these needs are addressed. Independent Age has an in-house advice and information team that we can draw on, as well as the network of support services in our local areas.

How do I refer myself or someone I know to Reconnections?

If you would like to sign up for the service, you (or someone on your behalf) will need to give us a call or fill out a simple online form so that we can contact you for more information. Someone from the team will then talk to you to check the service is suitable for you and have a conversation about what you might like to do with the support of our team.

We welcome referrals from GPs and other health and care professionals, voluntary organisations and the general public. Please check with the person before making the referral on their behalf.

Please visit our Social prescribing page for more information on community support.

Please visit the Surrey County Council Website where there is information on support, looking after yourself, carer emergency cards and young carers.