Ear Syringing

Not currently offered at CMP. We can refer on the NHS to the Microsuction Clinic or this can be done privately

All patients who request ear syringing should have their ears checked to make sure that the blockage is definitely wax and there is no other reason for hearing loss. This includes patients who have been asked to have their ears checked prior to an Audiology appointment. Following this appointment, you will be given some self-treatment options or advised of private options as we do not currently offer this service. Alternatively, you can ask to be referred to the microsuction clinic at Cranleigh Village Hospital or at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

We are unable to recommend a specific private provider but there are clinics in Guildford that offer the service privately:

Just Ears Clinic (previously Clean Ear Clinic)
Matthews House
85 Epsom Road
0345 527 2727

Dorking Microsuction:28-30 South Street
0800 133 7987